Update #1 - PC Controls Video

Hi everyone! Our first Kickstarter update went out last night with a focus on PC controls and using tactics mode to your advantage with a mouse & keyboard.

When we captured the 13m video ‘The Cendant Heist’ of Everstar using an Xbox One controller we didn’t think anything about it – we had developed our PC controls first and had grown accustomed to testing the recent addition of gamepad controls.

Psychosorted.com is Aliiiiiiive!

The website lives, and the path to global dom- err - fun video game making is open!  Our first game is Everstar, our very own indie project that aims to be something incredibly special - the first truly 3D action party-based RPG!  See the game page for details, and stay tuned for details and a link to our (soon to launch) kickstarter project.