Update #1 - PC Controls Video

Hi everyone! Our first Kickstarter update went out last night with a focus on PC controls and using tactics mode to your advantage with a mouse & keyboard.

When we captured the 13m video ‘The Cendant Heist’ of Everstar using an Xbox One controller we didn’t think anything about it – we had developed our PC controls first and had grown accustomed to testing the recent addition of gamepad controls.

Since then we’ve gotten a lot of questions (and even seen a few snarky comments) about whether the PC version is an afterthought or just a cheap port or something. No way! We love the PC and in fact playing on keyboard & mouse is a distinctly pleasant experience – it tends to be more tactical and involve less pausing when manipulating your party. In fact the PC version allows you to pause and unpause in either direct control or tactical mode – on the controller pausing is tied to the tactical mode.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out that video about that shows combat footage entirely controlled with keyboard and mouse!

In other news: last night Anthony and Jeremy made an appearance on the AWC Super Funtime show to talk about and play Everstar! Check it out here, our part starts around the 24 minute mark!:

Watch live video from SocialTronLive on Twitch

Thanks for your support everyone, and please help us spread the word about the Everstar Kickstarter project. The press is starting to pick up for the Everstar campaign and with your help we can let the big gaming news outlets know what an exciting and different indie project this is!

Best wishes,

The Everstar Development Team