Update #4 - That Everstar Style

Everstar, in the form we have shown in the Kickstarter campaign, is a gameplay centric prototype meant to prove out various mechanical systems and production pipelines. What this means in English is that we built it to show that the full game can be built and to give us a full understanding of what it will cost us to build it.

Update #2 - The World

In a World....

Everstar is set in a unique fantasy world where monsters are rumored to stalk the nights while nations clash with steel and thunder and the fate of the known world depends on a few students and their teachers.

Update #1 - PC Controls Video

Hi everyone! Our first Kickstarter update went out last night with a focus on PC controls and using tactics mode to your advantage with a mouse & keyboard.

When we captured the 13m video ‘The Cendant Heist’ of Everstar using an Xbox One controller we didn’t think anything about it – we had developed our PC controls first and had grown accustomed to testing the recent addition of gamepad controls. is Aliiiiiiive!

The website lives, and the path to global dom- err - fun video game making is open!  Our first game is Everstar, our very own indie project that aims to be something incredibly special - the first truly 3D action party-based RPG!  See the game page for details, and stay tuned for details and a link to our (soon to launch) kickstarter project.