The Game

Everstar is set in a world where fallen stars walk the land and are worshipped by peasant and high born alike.  Our story takes place in the war-torn Kingdom of Avallia during the long war with the neighboring Darkessian UnionAvallia has discovered healing magic through the secretive use of a mysterious substance named ‘Cendant’ and as a result has become unstoppable on the battlefield.

However, back in Avallia shadowy terrors are plaguing the land – nightmarish creatures, invisible to adults yet seen by children, stalk the good people.  

Shortly after the cendant healing was perfected, Avallia founded the Morningstar Academus, a military school meant to train students in the arts of healing, fighting, and war magic.  At the Academus all the classes participate in the Sparcross Games, mock gladiator combat where the teams fight one another for fame and glory.  People have started travelling from all corners of Avallia to witness the spectacle and root for their favorite classes.

Our story is about those who were chosen to attend the Academus to make heroes of themselves or fall into disgrace, and the shocking secrets they uncover along the way.  How will they cope with the pressures of victory, mastery, and excellence along with the loneliness and uncertainty of growing up?

The best part is: with the story driving choice system in Everstar YOU get to decide!

On the gameplay side, Everstar is the first truly 3D party RPG and is proud to support full online co-operative play in the campaign.  You can swap between tactical and action play with a press of the button – just pause the action at any time to give orders.  Unlike many RPGs the combat is physically simulated – your arrows, magic, and sword swings have to actually connect with the opponent to hit (instead of just abstractly rolling dice).  Our advanced AI means that your party doesn’t need to be micro-managed and will automatically enhance your skillful tactical play.

You can develop your party however you like with the Everstar job system.  Want one character to be a dual axe wielding brawler, and another a stealthy magic user?  A shield bearing healer and a heavily armored archer?  You can do all that and more. Field a party of up to six characters at once and customize their capabilities to your hearts content.

Check out our the ‘Cendant Heist’ gameplay video to see our proof of concept in action with REAL working software!